Super Mario Galaxy crowned best game ever

After selling

over 500,000 units

in its first week of sale in the US and becoming the

fastest selling Wii title ever

in the UK, it seems that Super Mario Galaxy is now on track to become the highest rated game of all time.

Statistics from reviews aggregation site show that Mario Galaxy has the highest overall average review score of any title ever released – 97.9 per cent.

This puts it above the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (97.6 per cent), Metroid Prime (96.3 per cent), The Orange Box (96.2 per cent), Resident Evil 4 (95.8 per cent) and Super Mario 64 (95.7 per cent) – three of which are also Nintendo titles.

The game also secured a prestigious 10/10 rating from respected Future multiformat magazine Edge.

The success of Super Mario Galaxy looks likely to propel sales of games based on Nintendo’s popular mascot to over 200 million worldwide.

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