PlayStation VR predicted nearly five times as many units sold as the HTC Vive

SuperData Research predicts PSVR will sell 2.5m headsets

Ahead of the PlayStation VR’s launch, marketing intelligence outfit SuperData Research has published estimated sales for the big VR headsets and the PlayStation VR is predicted to outsell all competition, even launching this late in the year. 

It’s not by a small margin, either. SuperData Research estimate the PlayStation VR will sell 2,602,370 units — five times as many as the HTC Vive, estimated to sell 420,108 units by the end of the year. The Oculus Rift comes in at third place out of the big three, with an estimated 355,088.

The PlayStation VR is estimated to outsell the mobile virtual reality platforms too, with SuperData predicting a total of 450,083 Google Daydream devices sold in 2016. The Samsung Gear VR is predicted to sell an impressive 2,316,632 headsets.

Again, these stats are all estimations and nothing in these predictions is guaranteed and many of these devices aren’t in competition with each other, so this is mostly a stack of big numbers that shows that virtual reality is finding its install base. In accordance with publicly available information, at last count Sony has sold 40 million PlayStation 4 consoles. If the predicted figure is correct this means somewhere around 6.25 per cent of console owners will have a PlayStation VR headset. 

This would be good news for Sony, who has been spending a lot of the last year working with developers and trying to get everything in order for the launch, but also for studios developing for the PlayStation headset themselves.

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