Polish indie says additional finance removes worry about production budget

Superhot dev receives a further $250,000 in funding

The developers of promising indie shooter Superhot has secured an extra $250,000 in funding.

Superhot is a stylish FPS where the world only moves when the player does, enabling gamers to essentially pause the action and dodge bullets.

The new funds were revealed by Polish news site Gazeta Wyborcza, although Superhot co-creator Tomasz Kaczmarczyk told Polygon the team can’t release full details on the source of this finance due to non-disclosure agreeements.

"I really can’t say much more [about the funding]," he told the site. "We’ve seen a lot of support from fans, even after our Kickstarter wrapped up. 

"To be super honest though, it’s not all that big of a deal. We simply raised enough funds from additional sources (both fan support and business arrangements) that we don’t have to be even one bit worried about our production budget."

Kaczmarczyk goes on to explain that the original Kickstarter campaign was designed to fund development of Superhot as it was originally conceived – extra money were then used to expand the game and add more features.

"All of the additional financing simply makes it even more certain that at no point during the development will we get distracted by our treasure chest running low on gold coins, and see our diet going back from healthy salads to ramen noodles."

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