Suppliers embark on eBay crackdown on Skylanders scalpers

Distributors are clamping down on unscrupulous eBay toy dealers who buy rare figures in bulk and resell at extortionate prices.

Known as ‘scalpers’, these traders buy a store’s entire Skylanders stock before selling it online. Certain retailers reportedly search their own stock for limited edition toys (like the ‘flocked’ Skylanders, pictured)?before selling them online, or in open packs, instead of allowing customers to find a rare toy in-store by chance.

Now suppliers are taking action, with distributor Asobi just one firm which has changed its trading terms – refusing to take on web-only retailers unless they can prove eBay is not their main selling platform.

We do not want to encourage back bedroom businesses happy to make a few pounds as this kills our main customers’ businesses,” said Asobi owner Thierry Bourret.

To be honest very few retailers open our blind Sonny Angel packs; those who do are removed from our list of customers.”

MCV’s sister site ToyNews has a big feature on this online now.

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