Survey reportedly leaks Mass Effect 4 details

It is claimed that EA has sent out a survey that reveals a number of details about the yet-to-be detailed Mass Effect 4.

It may seem implausible that EA would reveal such information in a survey but, as GameSpot points out, it did exactly that in the build up to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

There’s a lot of info to digest here, chief of which is the fact that the events of the first trilogy are removed by time and space” from the events depicted in the new game – which of course bypasses any need to try and accommodate the various endings open to those who completed the third game.

The ME4 universe will apparently be four times as large as that featured in ME3 with the narrative revolving around a new species – the Remnants. Also incoming are 100s” of explorable planet surfaces, with players able to establish colonies.

Loyalty mission will again feature, allowing players to unlock new skill trees for their companions. There will also be deeper” dialogue options such as the ability to interrupt and some physical interjections, such as pulling out a weapons.

There’s also some details about the multiplayer. Head over to NeoGaf to take a look.

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