Take-Two paying out on Hot Coffee claims

Nearly five years on from the now infamous Grand Theft Auto ‘Hot Coffee’ scandal, publisher Take-Two has decided to mail out cheques to large numbers of consumers who at he time expressed their shock.

For those of you who’ve forgotten, the Hot Coffee debacle revolved around the inclusion of a deleted sex-themed mini-game in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Hackers were able to access the content, and then spread the word online explaining how others could do the same.

So offensive was the fully-clothed sexual content that the ESRB saw fit to raise the game’s age rating to AO, or ‘Adults Only’, meaning that the vast majority of US retailers could no longer stock it thanks to internal policies regarding adult games.

Kotaku now reports that many gamers are receiving letters of compensation from the publisher, with payouts of between $5 and $35.

Although the court hearing this action decided not to certify a settlement class, Take-Two will voluntarily fulfil all properly-submitted claims,” the compensation document reads.

By depositing the attached check, you will release any and all claims, of any nature whatsoever, including unknown claims, arising out of your purchase or use of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game, against the defendants, their officers, employees and representatives, and all persons or entities that designed, manufactured, supplied, advertised and marketed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”

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