Tales of Berseria demo now available on PC and PS4

A demo for Bandai Namco’s upcoming RPG Tales of Berseria is now available to download on PS4 and PC, the company has announced.

The demo landed yesterday and can be downloaded directly from the game’s respective Steam and PlayStation Network pages. Players who pre-order the game afterwards will also receive an exclusive 15 minute skit video with the original Japanese voice cast and English subtitles.

There are more pre-order bonuses in store depending on which platform you buy it on, too. Those who pre-order the game on Steam will receive 10 per cent off if they already have Tales of Zestiria or Tales of Symphonia in their Steam Library, while those who pre-order on PS4 will receive three soundtracks from the game and an exclusive PlayStation theme for their dashboard featuring the characters from the game.

The PC version of Tales of Berseria will support resolutions up to 4K (though the 4K option itself is upscaled, the company revealed on its Tales Of blog) and will run at 60fps by default. However, there will also be the option to lower it to 30fps if players’ systems can’t handle it.

There will also be a physical PS4 collector’s edition of Tales of Berseria in addition to a standard PS4 version. The collector’s edition features a copy of a game, a collector’s edition box, two chibi Kyun character figures of Velvet and Laphicet, six metal coins, an exclusive Bienfu case, the game’s soundtrack, an artbook and a starter strategy guide. This is currently listed on several UK retailer sites such as GAME, Amazon and Zavvi, but is either sold-out or unavailable.

In Tales of Berseria, players will take on the role of Velvet Crowe, a once kind girl who remains haunted by a dark secret from her past. As the game progresses, she’ll join a band of pirates and visit dozens of islands across the kingdom of Midgand.

Tales of Berseria launches on PS4 and PC on January 27th.

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