The most lucrative time to push is Monday lunchtime

Tapjoy reveals the golden phrase for push notifications is “get your”

Push notifications using the phrase "get your" are twice as likely to be opened than any other notification, according to a report from monetisation platform Tapjoy.

The company studied over 4.4 million push notifications between February and August 2016, also coming to the conclusion that the best day for a push notification to be opened was Monday, with the rate declining throughout the week, with a slight bump on Sundays.

Notifications that used the phrases "rewards", "gift", "don’t miss" and "you can" are also big performers. On the flipside, "come back", "win" and "collect" were some of the worst performers.

A few other surprising figures: silent notifications are twice as likely to be opened as ones that play a noise, and those sent out weekly are more likely to hit home than those going out daily or even monthly. You’ll have more success if your title is an adventure game too, with the genre boasting the highest success with users opening more push notifications — 69.57 per cent — than any other, closely followed by trivia and puzzle games.

Finally, Tapjoy also say that Android users are more likely to interact with a push notification than iOS users, but this is very possibly down to the fact that Android mobile devices will retain the notification until you interact with it, whereas with iOS it can be swiped quickly to remove it from your phone, and memory, forever.

You can see the entire report on Tapjoy’s website, and if you’re in the business of mobile gaming, this could be a solid bible for getting customers opening your push notifications.

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