Company takes action to prevent minors racking up huge bills from microtransactions

Tecmo Koei puts limits on kid’s mobile spending

Tecmo Koei has placed a spending cap on user accounts owned by underage gamers to help combat abusive mobile spending.

The issue of kids racking up huge bills on ‘free-to-play’ games has caused a lot of controversy in recent months especially in Japan

Silicon Era now reports that the worry has been enough to make the Dynasty Warriors developer take action so that parents feel safe letting their kids play its games.

When the system launches, children 15 and younger will have a spending cap of 5,000 yen a month, and teenagers from age 16-19 will be limited to 20,000 yen. That’s $50 and $200 a month, respectively.

The age of majority is 20 in Japan, so that’s where the company has decided its liability ends.

The policy is supposed to be implemented sometime before the end of the year.

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