Testology owner makes anti-Muslim facebook post (Updated)

Managing director of QA company Testology, Andy Robson, has apologised for making an anti-Muslim Facebook post in the wake of Saturday’s terror attack at London Bridge.

The now removed post on the social media network said "I’m totally pissed off with all this crap, I don’t care," and ended with him saying, "the only way we can stop this is to get rid of every Muslim in this country and send them back to where they came from. Sorry for being up front but it’s the truth.”

As reported by the Kotaku UK website, Robson’s comments were publically retracted and he has since offered an apology statement saying, “I want to apologise for the Facebook post that I put out on Saturday in the aftermath of the horrific London terrorist attack,” he said. “I was trying to air my views on extremist Muslims and it seems my comments may have been misinterpreted by some people and caused offence."

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Testology is a QA company based in Aldershot, England, and Robson, who is also owner, has long championed the importance of QA in the industry. In Feburary, the company launched an academy to help train employees and younger people in the discipline.

UPDATE – 9/6/17

Following this story from the 8/6/17, Andy Robson has written a response to this article. He said:

"I appreciate all of your comments and views. Rest assured my apology was not ‘textbook’, it was heartfelt – maybe I should have expressed my regret differently. I made a massive mistake and I hold my hands up, but what I was trying to get across is that my Facebook post was written out of sheer ignorance rather than malice. I certainly agree that I need to take on board the comments of Rami and others, and become more educated about such a sensitive topic. All of my working career has been about giving opportunities to people from ALL backgrounds, regardless of gender, race or religion and I am mortified at being portrayed as racist. I will be do everything possible to learn from this. My head is not up my arse, it’s hung in shame and I truly am sorry for the offence I have caused."

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