$85,000 needed to complete autobiographical title, Ouya exclusivity dropped

That Dragon, Cancer devs turn to Kickstarter for finishing funds

The developers behind That Dragon, Cancer have launched a Kickstarter appeal to raise the funds required to finish work on the game.

That Dragon, Cancer is the work of Ryan Green and his co-developer Josh Larson, and tells the true story of Green’s family dealing with their son Joel’s fight against brain cancer. Sadly, Joel Green passed away earlier this year, but the duo have continued to develop the game.

Green and Larson say the game could be complete in another eight months, but requires $145,000 to finish, according to PCGamesN. Some of this will come from a private loan, so the pair have turned to Kickstarter to generate the last $85,000.

At the time of writing, the campaign has already raised more than $25,000.

"The last two years of our lives have brought the game into clear focus, and now feels like the right time to engage the community of people who have always believed that games matter and that modern games can have an even bigger cultural impact," the developers wrote on the campaign page.

"Kickstarter is the perfect platform to partner with all of you who have so passionately supported this game, and include you in the story itself through backer rewards."

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