The Division’s Expansion III: Last Stand DLC detailed

Ubisoft has revealed new details about the third DLC expansion for The Division. Entitled ‘Expansion III: Last Stand’, the DLC pack will be available to download simultaneously on PS4, Xbox One and PC when it launches as part of The Division’s Season Pass. Players will also be able to buy it as a standalone purchase.

The title comes from a new game mode that will be available in The Division’s Dark Zone. Players will need to be Level 30 in order to play it, but this session-based adversarial mode will have four distinct maps with clear objectives and win conditions. It will also incorporate classic Dark Zone elements such as PvE enemies and Landmarks, as well as other PvE activities such as a new incursion.

Player teams will consist of eight Division agents, split into two groups of four, and they’ll be facing off against a similar setup of Rogue enemies as they fight to capture tactical terminals. The first team to transfer enough information through the terminals will win the session.

Last Stand will also finally unlock Dark Zones 7-9, allowing players to explore the most northerly parts of the area for the first time. Ubisoft promises these zones will be "especially bleak" and filled with "some of the most eerie environments and challenging NPCs in the game", so veteran players should have plenty to sink their teeth into.

Launching alongside the third expansion is Update 1.6. This will expand the game map even further, adding new special Contamination events, a new Legendary mode as well as new Exotic weapons.

The Division originally launched in March 2016 and quickly broke Ubisoft’s sales records, becoming the fastest-selling game in Ubisoft’s history, as well as having the biggest first week sales for a new game franchise at the time.

Yesterday, Ubisoft announced that its upcoming film of The Division had finally found a writer and director in the form of Academy Award winner Stephen Gaghan.

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