The future of Alan Wake

Having yet to deliver on the high hopes placed upon it by publisher Microsoft, the future of Remedy’s Alan Wake IP remains very much in the balance.

NPD’s sales data for North America last month revealed that the game sold 145k units in May – not a terrible performance but not one you’d expect of a first-party platform exclusive title.

However, Remedy’s head of franchise Oskari Hakkinen has indicated to VG247 that the game could yet enjoy a Nintendo-style long-term performance at retail.

Overall we have been very pleased with the reception of Alan Wake with both the press and the fans alike,” he stated. People compliment the story first and foremost, but love the characters, the combat and, of course, the setting.

There is no doubt that Alan Wake hit the shelves during a very competitive launch window, with some games dominating with extremely aggressive marketing. The word of mouth phenomenon is very apparent with Alan Wake. There has been a growing interest in the title and it certainly seems to ‘have legs’ to sustain.”

However, there’s still no confirmation of a sequel to the game. And Hakkinen’s comments don’t bode well. If we were to confirm a sequel at some point, we’d like to do relatively soon.”

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