Ex-Pixar man on the convergence of creating for console and celluloid

‘The gap between game and film tech is rapidly closing’

Speaking to Develop former Pixar employee Jeremy Vickers has revealed that he believes the gulf between the creation of films and games in narrowing.

"I still think that there are many differences between film and video games, but the gap is rapidly closing," explained Vickers, who now works as a freelancer covering game art, concept design, illustration and theme park design, having contributed to the likes of Wall-E and The Incredibles with Pixar.

"What was formerly impossible is now possible, but not necessarily to our benefit," added Vickers. "When games switched from 2D to 3D it was a wonderful thing, but it also significantly increased the amount of time and energy needed to create a title. So when tools are released that can actually simplify workflow and not just give us more to do, it frees us to focus on what is truly worthwhile: the art and story.

The artist also revealed that he believes film-makers have much to learn from game development: "As the gap narrows between film and games, the two similar industries will have more and more opportunities to learn from each other and to grow. As a filmmaker, I look with jealously on the video game world for the ability to render in real time. Some day soon feature films might be made using real-time rendering techniques.

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