See the console unveiling as it happens from 6pm

The next Xbox reveal: Watch it live

Microsoft is set to unveil the next Xbox this evening, and you can watch it live.

Following up just months after Sony’s reveal of the PS4, Microsoft has a lot to do to convince consumers to fork out their cash for the next generation of consoles.

The computing giant is expected to show off the new hardware during the hour-long event, as well as showcasing a number of games to be released on the hardware.

It is thought Microsoft will also touch on subjects such as always-on connectivity, which could finally put to rest the speculation surrounding how the Xbox functions and whether an internet connection is truly required.

It is thought that Microsoft will also share more information on the next generation of its motion sensing hardware, Kinect 2.

The event will be streamed in the UK from 6pm tonight, May 21st.

Those living in the US can view the stream from 1pm ET and 10am PT.

You can view the stream here.

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