The Unfinished Swan, Journey heading to PS4 later this year

Acclaimed PlayStation 3 releases Journey and The Unfinished Swan will launch on PS4 later this year.

The PlayStation US blog announces that the titles are in development for Sony’s next-gen hardware, with both studios stating the respective moves are thanks in large part to the success of the original PS3 versions.

Developer Trickey Pixels is helping with the PS4 port of Journey, while Armature Studio is taking on PS4 development of Unfinished Swan.

Thanks to the many referrals of our players over the years, we’ve seen a steady flow of new players discovering the game and a community of veterans helping them along the way,” Thatgamecompany president Jenova Chan explained.

Many players who bought a PS4 wrote us wondering if they will be able to experience Journey one day.”

Over the past few months we’ve really enjoyed watching our game take shape on PS4,” Giant Sparrow creative director Ian Dallas added. We can’t wait for you all to play it either for the first time — or the 20th.”

No release window mentioned for either as of yet, but the two titles will run at 1080p whenever they do end up launching.

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