There are some £145 Destiny figures on the way

Toys designer 3A is bringing new Destiny figures to fans.

After releasing a Titan figure last year, the company is launching figurines based on the Hunter and Warlock classes.

These will come in three different versions: a standard retail edition, a Bambaland one and a Bungie Store exclusive. You can see all the versions detailed on 3A’s website.

Each figure will cost 145 – a price that includes worldwide shipping.

Preorders for the Warlock will go live on July 7th and preorders for the Hunter will start on July 21st.

Destiny became the best-selling new IP ever in the UK when it launched in September 2014, before The Division took its crown last March. Only a month after its release, 3.2m people were playing Destiny every day, Bungie said.

A sequel was announced only two months after Destiny launched. It was apparently due in September 2015 but was delayed, reports claimed last January. Activision then announced that Destiny 2 won’t be hitting shelves before 2017 and leaks later suggested that it has been rebooted.

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