There’s a $799 edition of Assassin’s Creed Origins

Freshly revealed historical stab-em-up Assassin’s Creed Origins comes in many flavours – one of which will set you back a thumping $799.

Limited to only 999 units, the SKU includes a 28-inch resin statue of star Bayek, along with a certificate of authenticity, a resin replica eagle amulet and four lithographs. Furthermore, all of that is actually shipped out now for those who lay down the cash.

Then, when the game’s release rolls around on October 27th, buyers will then get a Gold Edition of the game itself, which includes the Season Pass, an art book, the soundtrack, a printed version of the game map and two art cards.

There are currently six different pre-order SKUs available for the game.

The next installment in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series will take place in Egypt and will see the franchise go right back to the very start of the Brotherhood’s history. Starring Bayek, the last Magi, the game adds several new RPG elements to the mix, such as equippable enemy weapons and Far Cry Primal’s owl scanner (this time in the form of an eagle).

Since the game demoed during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, the platform holder was keen to emphasise the game’s 4K resolution and HDR support for theXbox One X (previously known as Project Scorpio), with a two minute gameplay trailer captured in native 4K being one of its highlights.

The demo showcased just a single area, known as Siwa – Bayek’s hometown – but judging from the sizzle reel either side of it, Assassin’s Creed Origins could be Ubisoft’s biggest and most expansive open world yet. Huge cities, pyramids and wilder, more mountainous terrain can be seen during the trailer, which we’ve embedded below, as well as horse-back riding, gladiator-style arena battles, and underwater combat.

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