There’s a new Driver game coming (it’s F2P, on smartphones and you drive speedboats)

The next game in the Driver series is almost certainly not what you expect.

The original 1999 Driver is a cult hit but the series hit tough times in 2004 following the release of Driver 3. 2011’s Driver: San Francisco, however, surprised many critics – although few of them would have expected the brand to head in this direction.

Driver Speedboat Paradise is a F2P arcade racing title hitting iOS and Android this month. It packs 32 tracks, five game modes and, most importantly, a realistic wave system.

In the words of Ubisoft: In the game players embody a young and reckless powerboat driver in a quest for fame and fortune who is persuaded by iconic Driver character John Tanner into a mission to bring down the mafia. As racers rub elbows with criminals and kingpins, they will learn to accelerate, steer and drift on realistic waves that change in height, power and frequency in real-time.”

Something we can all relate to, then.

The game was apparently soft-launched in New Zealand last year.

Here’s a video:

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