Theres no escaping the festive frenzy

Clearly, it’s a great chance to cash in on the festive season – take a glance at the number of piss-poor ‘comedy’ DVDs that have been rushed out in time for the don’t-know-what-to-buy-your-dad market.

Even Piers Morgan’s got a football gaffes DVD out – a man who not only has nothing to do with football, but who also happens to be a bit of an arse, in my humble opinion. But let’s forget the stuttering DVD market (and Piers Morgan) – the credible choice for entertainment retailers this Christmas is games. Platform holders, publishers and retailers are all fighting over ad space to pimp their wares, giving major games titles the full weight of a massive marketing budget.

And while Nintendo tackles Wii stock shortages and 360 keeps motoring on nicely, it is arguably Sony that has the biggest job on its hands.

Since that price cut, the task facing Sony is a hell of a lot easier. Whatever your thoughts on the new bonkers TV commercials, the 40GB PS3 will inevitably look a lot more tempting to a lot more consumers once they realise that they won’t have to sell a kidney to afford one.

Most importantly, Brand PlayStation retains that air of cool that has been Sony’s trademark since it entered the market – and that surely makes up for any consumer grumblings about a lack of true triple-A titles for the format this Christmas.

Third party publishers have a fight on their hands too. This week’s ChartTrack top 40 is packed full of big-name titles all grasping for that Christmas pound. There will of course be winners and losers. Put simply, there are too many titles around at the moment for every single one to have their day in the sun. You’ll be able to spot those unfortunate few when, just a few weeks after their release, they end up in the bargain bin for under 20.

Feeling Christmassy now? Far be it for me to rob you of the festive spirit, but it’s tougher than ever out there, and the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Blame Jesus.

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