THQ: Big Three must let us experiment with new business models

THQ has urged all three major platform holders to be less rigid and open up to new business models.

The publisher is currently undertaking what it calls a noble experiment” with racer MX vs ATV Alive, where it is charging 29.99 for the title and letting users add to it with free and paid-for downloadable content.

CEO Brian Farrell says this has been inspired by the free-to-play browser model, and has called on Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to help them experiment further.

He told MCV: We’ve had robust discussions with all the first parties, and I think everyone knows that the business is going to evolve over time. Let’s all be innovative and flexible and move forward in a positive way to figure out what our consumers want.”

In terms of MX vs ATV Farrell added: We’ve seen the emergence of the free-to-play model where people will pay for the experience they want. We are applying that to the console business.”

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