US developer to plug holes in publisherâ??s lineup

THQ buys Big Huge Games

Maryland-based developer Big Huge Games has been acquired by THQ for an undisclosed price.

The studio, which made a name for itself in the strategy genre with games like Rise of Nations and Xbox Live Arcade’s Catan, is currently working on a role-playing game helmed by Elder Scrolls creator Ken Rolston, which was already signed to THQ.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Jack Sorensen, executive VP of studios for THQ, said "Rather than it being purely financially driven – although that’s a big component – it’s more about [finding] the next group of game developers that can really add a unique take on the studio system, either from a genre or platform perspective, but also fit in well so that we can continue the culture that we built."

Big Huge Games’ CCO, Tim Train, added: "We’re really excited. Since we started working with THQ, we’ve been impressed with the quality of their developer support on every level. It’s rare to find a publisher who understands games on the level and depth that they do, and they share our position for quality in a great environment."

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