THQ confident Metro 2033 will deliver

THQ Claims its forthcoming thriller Metro 2033 could be as big as Call of Duty or GTA.

The FPS is based on Russian novelist Dmitry Glukhovsky’s book, set in an underground post-apocalyptic dystopia.

THQ believes this source material has helped developer 4A Games produce a unique gaming experience.

Globally, I honestly don’t think that there is anything else out there quite like Metro 2033,” said THQ’s global brand manager Huw Beynon.

We have a uniquely immersive experience and I don’t think anyone to this date has quite delivered anything close to that.”

The novel is currently not available in English – with a translated version set to arrive next month. So THQ is bringing a relatively unknown IP to an international audience – something the publisher sees as a chance to establish a top-tier video game property.

It’s a challenge but it’s also an opportunity,” said Beynon.

All the biggest selling brands in gaming tend to come from original IP. They were all original IP at one point. Modern Warfare 2 started with Call of Duty. Grand Theft Auto, Zelda, Mario, Fallout – all these things are top of the tree gaming IPs, and they each give you something different.

Yes, it’s a challenge when you try and bring the first game to market. You’ve got to stand out and you’ve got to be different from other titles.

We think the game has established that, and we’re really delighted with the launch that we’ve had so far, in terms of the announcement we’ve put out, the trailer and the feedback that we’ve been getting.”

Metro 2033 is due on the PC and 360 on March 19th.

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