THQ dev boss: Weve got $400m to spend

THQ vice president of worldwide studios Jack Sorensen has said that the publisher has over $400m to spend in the market – and that it is targeting the casual and mobile sectors for expansion.

Speaking to Gamespot, Sorensen said he wanted THQ to become the ‘ubiquity’ of gaming, adding that the firm has to find more ways than just boxed products in the US and Europe in order to make the numbers interesting”.

Commenting a day after THQ acquired Elephant Entertainment, Sorensen said:

We’re always looking at our business and looking at new opportunities. When we cancelled some franchises [Juiced and Stuntman], I think it was almost the same week that we bought Big Huge.

"The difference, in my mind, between the haves and have-nots is whether or not you’re in control of your destiny. And frankly, to be in control of your destiny is financial.

So we’ve got, what, $400 something million in the bank, and we can make our own decisions. We’re not going to go away; there’s no bet-the-farm aspect of our business. If we go and decide something’s not working, we still have the freedom to go in and still move forward afterward, so you’re going to see the continuation of that.

"Part of this is industry-driven, where it really is if you’re not in the top 10, forget it. If you’re not in the top 10 on a franchise, even if it is profitable, it may not be worth it. Five years ago you would have kept going, but now you just say it’s probably best to put our money elsewhere.”

Soresen also talked at length on the potential of the iPhone.

He added:

It’s popular, but it’s actually not that popular, not popular enough from a hardcore-gaming standpoint, when you compare it to however many million DSs are in the world. But for the mobile phone, that’s a legitimate handset and you have to decide if you’re going to do something unique for it.

"So, we see that, I’m sure the same as EA, you know, as part of the broad spectrum of gaming and territories that you’ve got to be in. And that’s all part of being a player.”

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