Publishing business prepares direct assault 'on the pre-owned market'

THQ joins EAâ??s online pay-wall crusade

THQ has become the latest publisher to offer free DLC as an incentive for buying its games brand new.

The publisher has confirmed that new copies of upcoming fighter UFC Undisputed 2010 will, much like EA’s FIFA 2011, only be playable online once a code included in the box has been redeemed by the buyer, a rep confirmed to Destructoid.

The move makes THQ the fifth publisher to commit to in-box DLC codes, following the likes of EA, Sony, Codemasters and Microsoft. Fellow publishers Ubisoft and Take-Two have also confessed to be considering adopting the model.

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The industry’s ambition to curb the spread of pre-owned games divides opinion.

Many consumers have spoken with vehemence that the proposed pay-wall system punishes consumers despite the market already having proven itself to be sustainable in an era of pre-owned sales.

Blitz Games Studios CTO Andrew Oliver recently told Develop he believes pre-owned sales are a bigger problem than piracy.

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