Rainbow Studios and Sandblast Games see staff cuts

THQ makes development layoffs

THQ has shed staff at two of its internal studios, Rainbow Studios and Sandblast Games.

According to Gamasutra’s sources, around 30 staff members were removed from Rainbow, all of whom were working on an unannounced title. Sandblast’s losses were not mentioned, but it’s understood that the team is still hard at work on the next-gen title Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon.

"This is a normal part of our business as we address the pipeline. It’s nothing unusual," said THQ corporate spokesperson Julie MacMedan to Next-Gen.

"We have a long term project plan, and as that changes or shifts, we look at who’s working on what in the studios and sometimes we’ll move a team into another project, or sometimes we’ll look at the skillsets they have and the projects we have for them, and sometimes there’s not a match."

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