THQ mulls ‘costs and benefits’ of Linux for future titles

Following the results of the Humble THQ Bundle, president Jason Rubin has revealed his company is considering Linux for its upcoming releases.

Got the Linux message load [sic] and clear via HumbleBundle feedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak,” Rubin said in response to a request on Twitter over the weekend.

The THQ executive followed up with Polygon on the matter, explaining how the Humble Bundle promotion opened the publisher’s eyes to passionate communities on platforms outside the popular standards.

"The message I took away from a large number of tweets and comments around the THQ Humble Bundle sale is that there are vibrant communities of gamers using other operating systems besides the dominant ones, and a company like THQ should not overlook them.

"Complicating the analysis (in a positive way), gamers have tweeted inventive ideas to me, such as letting the community help in the porting to bring down costs. THQ is committed to look at anything that makes sense.

I’m sure we will have more to announced shortly.”

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