THQ on E3: Give us razzmatazz

THQ’s international EVP Ian Curran has told MCV that he wants this year’s E3 to provide the razzmatazz” that has been sorely lacking at the last two Expos.

His sentiments echo those of EA Sports’ Peter Moore, who has called for a return to E3’s strut and swagger” at next week’s show.

E3 needs to re-focus back on the international markets. The show in the past two years has been much too US-focused,” Curran told MCV.

It also needs to welcome back retail to show. The past few years have been pretty much dedicated to PR, with little focus on retail and distribution partners. Retail needs to see and feel the buzz around the top titles – and this has been missed over the past couple of years.

"European retailers, – especially from the UK – have been crying out for one big show where they can see all the top products under one roof without the need to attend dozens of individual publisher events.

Finally, it needs to deliver the razzmatazz and positive PR that our industry deserves. We are now bigger than music and film and will have some of the biggest entertainment releases in the year. We have a lot to shout about and E3 can become the mouthpiece to deliver our message.”

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