THQ reveals DLC strategy for experimental racer

THQ will release DLC for its upcoming racer MX vs ATV Alive every other week to satisfy fans.

The off-road racer is part of a new, experimental strategy for the publisher. The game will be sold at a reduced 29.99 price point, with further sales made through DLC.

Fans have been really responsive to this new idea and have expressed a lot of interest in our announcements of branded vehicles and modes,” said THQ’s corporate global brand manager Ali Bouda.

We offer the most popular modes and if gamers want to add even more of a particular mode, they can do so through downloadable content. Instead of us choosing how much of each mode to put in the game, players make this choice.

We have extensive DLC available from the first day and are planning to release new content every other week over several months. You can download different tracks, riders, bikes, vehicles and game modes. In addition, buying MX vs ATV Alive new will come packed with a code giving gamers access to $10 worth of free DLC.”

THQ has warned that this experimental business model will not apply to all of its titles.

MX vs ATV Alive is currently the only title we’ve announced under this new model,” added Bouda. The title lends itself to this new model because it is a big game about environments, tracks and vehicles – not about a continuing story like Homefront and Saints Row.”

MX vs ATV Alive is due for release on Xbox 360 and PS3 on May 13th.

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