Timesplitters 4 in the works

UK developer Free Radical has confirmed that it is working on Timesplitters 4 – though details currently remain thin on the ground.

The studio’s Rob Yescombe told Kotaku that the team is currently hard at work on the title – though work is still ongoing on next-gen FPS Haze.

In the past TimeSplitters has been very satirical at the expense of movies, and this time it will be satirical at the expense of videogames,” said Yescombe.

Timesplitters rose to prominence when it hit PS2 in 2000. Built by many members of the team behind legendary N64 FPS Goldeneye, its tight gameplay won over the critics whilst its light-hearted approach to narrative won over gamers.

Famously, players were able to take control of a wide assortment of comedy characters for multiplayer shoot-outs, including monkeys. And speaking of monkeys, any fans of all things simian would be well advised to head over to the BBC to check out what is undoubtedly the real story of the day.

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