Titchmarsh tackles game violence

Former MCV associate editor and current CVG editor Tim Ingham has this afternoon taken on the tough task of defending video game violence on ITV’s late afternoon spot The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

With an anti-games agenda clear to see from the word go, Ingham bravely defended in the industry against a barrage of ill-informed criticism, most notably from Titchmarsh himself and fellow guest, actress Julie Peasgood.

Titchmarsh kicked off by highlighting the fact that movies were different from games as they have age ratings”. When Ingham pointed out that the same was true of games, Titchmarsh stated but they’re at home”.

Video games are interactive – they promote hatred, violence and sexism” Peasgood added, citing the proven facts” of studies which cite the addictive, damaging effects” of gaming.

How do you defend a shootout at an airport?” she later asked. Ingham’s argument that violence can be found in all sorts of media resonated with some, but was not enough to appease the clearly sceptical actress.

Former editor of The Sun Kelvin McKenzie, at least, was aware of the higher average age of a games player (33 was the age he cited), though did question the effects of ultra-realistic violence in gaming.

Ingham defended the industry by pointing out that violent games shouldn’t be placed into the hands of children – claims greeted with boos from the heavily directed (and, if we may say, quite ignorant) audience.

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