Draco project built with Epic tech

Tokyo studio licenses UE3 for Kinect project

Epic Games has licensed its Unreal Engine to Japan studio Grounding for its upcoming Draco project.

The game, first shown to the public at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, is a core action title that utilises Kinect technology.

“Because this is Grounding’s first high-definition game, we looked at many technology options and picked Unreal Engine 3 as the best solution,” said Grounding director Yukio Futatsugi.

“While our team size is only 15 people and we had merely one year from the start of the project, the productive tools and efficient processes of Unreal Engine 3 meant we could come up with a high-quality playable demo in a very short time,” Futatsugi added.

The deal has been announced one year since Epic Games made its serious bid to establish its games engine business in Japan.

“Unreal Engine 3 is usually seen as a solution for a big team working on a large-budget title, especially in Japan," said Epic’s Japan territory manager Taka Kawasaki.

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