Tools Spotlight: NeoAxis 3D Engine

Out to prove that Unity and UDK aren’t the only development platforms around is the NeoAxis 3D Engine.
Created by founder Ivan Efimov (pictured below), the tool is capable of handling moderately complex environments and can throw plenty of polygons as it does it.

“What makes NeoAxis different from competing engines, like UDK and Unity, is its price, ease of use and lack of limitations,” says Efimov.

“For example, to use complex post-effects for your projects in Unity, you need to buy additional licences. The same goes for deployment on Mac or other operating systems. With NeoAxis you get post-effects and Windows and Mac support out of the box, even in the free version. Everything you get in the most expensive version of NeoAxis, you get in the free version too.”

In the free version users cannot change the source code of the map editor, whereas in the full version users can make alterations at will.

Titles in production that already use the engine include Beyond the Voyage, Homura Combat and Elementary My Dear Majesty.

Just before the end of 2013, NeoAxis 2.0 was released. This update adds a component store, an online service for the sharing and sale of extensions, more platforms support in the form of Android, iOS, Windows RT, Linux and SteamOS, as well as the ability to deploy applications to web browsers.

Efimov says that NeoAxis’s main advantage over UDK and Unity is its ease of use. “The first time you fire up the map editor, you’ll be able to make levels, maps and scripts, without any tutorials,” he says. “The engine is completely royalty free. You will never have to give a percentage of your project’s earnings to NeoAxis Group.

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