Top 100 Women in Games: Hollie Bennett

Hollie Bennett was still at university when she got involved with the community at gaming blog Destructoid.

She was named EU Community Manager for the website, creating European-specific content.

This hobby became a career in 2012 when she approached Bandai Namco about being involved in its business and by April she was the firm’s consumer and community PR Executive.

Now at Sony and PlayStation Access, Bennett was involved in the launch of PS4, hosting live videos during the midnight launch.

PlayStation Access has also been important to me,” she says.

Not only do I work with three incredible people who help make it happen but it is a wonderful creative outlet. We’ve build a great channel and a wonderful community.

"I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through spoken word –I’m a terrible writer – and Access allows me so much freedom.”

One of her past achievements, however, has been generating real community engagement at Bandai Namco for the Tales RPG series.

The UK team worked incredibly hard to bring the community together, to interact with them, to listen to them and the response was heart warming,” she says.

They were so loving and so passionate about the games. Pooling all this together and seeing the way the Japanese developers reacted was incredible, they spent time getting involved.

"I loved seeing how a company is willing to listen and adapt to the voice of its community, for me this was at the heart of what community was all about.”

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