Top Ten games TV campaigns: 2011 vs 2012

Games and consoles TV advertising has experienced a 25 per cent year-on-year decline in activity from the start of 2012 to March 11th.

This week we look at how the biggest campaigns of 2012 so far compare to 2011’s.

The combined number of TVRs in the Top Ten is currently 33 per cent less than 2011’s total for the same period. As this decline is ahead of the total market, it’s clear that the gap between the smaller and larger campaigns has been closed in 2012.

The total share of voice of 2012’s Top Ten is also indicative of this. At 48.9 per cent, it is someway short of 2011’s combined 54.5 per cent.The difference is more apparent when comparing individual campaigns. For example, the fourth largest campaign of 2012, for Nintendo’s Mario Party 9, would not even have featured in 2011’s Top Ten.

In 2011, Just Dance 2 registered 307 TVRs. In 2012 the sequel registered just 172 TVRs across the same number of weeks, representing a 44 per cent decline.

What’s a TVR?

A TVR (Television Rating) is one per cent of a target audience. An ad can top 100 TVRs if viewers saw it more than once.

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