Top ten games TV campaigns of 2011

Generation Media reveals the best performing video game TV ad campaigns of last year, including marketing for 3DS and THQ’s uDraw.

As 2011’s only major hardware release, it’s no surprise that Nintendo’s campaign for the 3DS was the largest of the year. Spreading the campaign across 22 weeks, however, meant that it had one of the lowest weekly TVR weights in the Top Ten.

This was not Nintendo’s only strategy, as the Pokmon Black & White, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land campaigns demonstrated. Nintendo’s willingness to mix up their strategies contributed to having six campaigns in the Top Ten.

Sony was a last gasp entrant into the Top Ten, beginning their Christmas-themed campaign for the PS3 on December 2nd.

The PS3 and 3DS were not the only hardware that made the chart. uDraw and Kinect meant that hardware made up four of the Top Ten.

Kinect ads was on air for 23 weeks – longer than any other 2011 campaign. The campaign actually averaged fewer TVRs per week than any other campaign in the Top Ten. A TVR represents one per cent of a target audience. This number can go over 100 if a viewer saw an ad more than once.

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