Trade-in your 3DS and get Vita for £99.99

UK retailer GameStation has unveiled a range of trade-in options for those wishing to offset the cost of a PlayStation Vita by handing over an old machine.

As spotted by PocketGamer, a range of deals are available, some of which bring the price of a Wi-Fi Vita down to as little as 79.99.

Here’s the complete list of offers:

PS3 320GB – 79.99 (Wi-Fi), 129.99 (3G)
Xbox 360 250GB – 79.99 (Wi-Fi), 129.99 (3G)
Xbox 360 4GB – 149.99 (Wi-Fi), 199.99 (3G)
Nintendo 3DS – 99.99 (Wi-Fi), 149.99 (3G)
Nintendo DSi – 169.99 (Wi-Fi), 219.99 (3G)
Nintendo Wii (White) – 189.99 (Wi-Fi), 239.99 (3G)
PSP Slim & Lite – 179.99 (Wi-Fi), 229.99 (3G)
PSP 3000 – 179.99 (Wi-Fi), 229.99 (3G)

The PlayStation Vita launches in the UK on February 22nd.

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