Trenched blocked by board game trademark

Upcoming XBLA title Trenched has been blocked from release due to a trademark dispute with a board game.

Eurogamer reports that the game clashes with trademarks held by an abstract Portuguese board game Trench. The trademark was filed by Trench’s designer Rui Alpio Monteiro in 2007 and covers both board games and computer games.

Like Double Fine’s Trenched, the board game is based on military strategy and is set during World War I.

Until the issue is resolved, Trenched will not blocked from release in certain parts of Europe. However, Double Fine may be able to release the game under a different title.

Trenched was announced back in March and went live in the US last week. It is developed by team behind Stacking and Costume Quest, as well as 2009’s Brutal Legend.

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