Treyarch doesnt get credit it deserves

Treyarch, which has for a long time been seen as the underdog to Call of Duty series’ creator Infinity Ward, does not get the credit it deserves for the role it has played in the series according to Activision boss Bobby Kotick.

When a Joystiq interviewer referred to Treyarch as Call of Duty’s ‘b-team’, Kotick was quick to address the staement.

That’s an unfair view of Treyarch,” the exec explained. You know it’s not really an objective view. Treyarch contributed so significantly to the multiplayer technology that’s in Modern Warfare 2 and they didn’t really get the credit for that.”

Of course, Kotick has a vested interest in bigging up Treyarch right now. Its latest game, Call of Duty: Black Ops, has just smashed UK sales records. And with Infinity Ward’s current role in the series still up in the air, Treyarch has never been more important to the publisher.

But what of Infinity Ward? Though we’re still waiting to learn when the studio will return to the series, Activision clearly still has big plans for the developer.

There’s at least 60 or 70 super-talented, amazingly capable people who are there,” Kotick added. They shouldn’t have to suffer for the bad actions of a couple of guys. They have a great culture, they’re really good independent thinkers – incredible technology base.”

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