Treyarch: Multiplayer is critical to COD success

Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia has declared online deathmatches are key to the strength to the Call Of Duty series.

Speaking to MCV at Activision’s multiplayer reveal in Los Angeles, he claimed multiplayer is critical to [the franchise’s] success” and that Treyarch has never been more fired up” to deliver this experience with Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

The studio announced a range of new multiplayer modes for the hotly anticipated shooter, including a new Combat Training mode that allows consumers to practice for online matches against AI soldiers. The feature started as a development tool, but has now been designed to encourage less experienced gamers to try the online modes, broadening the game’s appeal.

Treyarch has also introduced an in-game currency called CP (COD Points), which can be used to purchase new weapons and perks for multiplayer characters. This can be earned by levelling up and completing special Contract challenges.

Players can also gamble to earn more CP in the new Wager Modes. Gamers bet they will place in the top three competitors in special matches, and are rewarded if they do so.

Additional new features include an emblem editor, more interactive killstreaks, enhanced customisation features in the Create-a-Class menu and a Theatre Mode, akin to that of Halo 3.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops is due for release on November 9th.

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