Educational title IF to teach children about social and emotional development

Trip Hawkins’ new UK studio If You Can reveals first game

EA founder Trip Hawkins has revealed new children’s educational game IF for iPad, the debut title from his new UK studio If You Can.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Hawkins said the fantasy RPG is designed to support learning in schools, with a focus on social and emotional development.

Targeted at six-to-12 year olds, players are tasked with learning how to be sensitive to others while also dealing with their own emotions. This is achieved through interactions with other characters and various missions tackling topics such as bullying.

A release date for the title has yet to be set. 

“If you can manage your emotions effectively, you can function and deal with a bully more effectively,” said Hawkins.

“If you are a bully, you are coming from your own wounds. The hope is a bully can examine their own feelings and emotions and become more aware.”

London studio If You Can was opened in January earlier this year by Trip Hawkins and former Moshi Monsters lead producer Ben Geliher, and is focused on developing educational games.

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