Triple-A Kinect shooter in the works?

If rumours are to be believed, Microsoft is working on a new "core triple-A" shooting title for Kinect that could well be unveiled at next month’s E3.

The claims come from the CV of Microsoft Game Studios art director Shawn Woods that was posted online that was spotted by forumites on Neogaf.

The reference has since been removed from the document.

Microsoft has always been keen to tout Kinect’s credentials as a device that could expand the Xbox 360’s reach to a new audience of more casual-orientated gamers.

However, by the same token it has also frequently asserted that as the platform develops it will eventually tap into the console’s dedicated hardcore fanbase.

At last year’s Tokyo Game Show a handful of Japanese-developed games were revealed that will likely appeal to that audience, and next month sees the release of rhythm action title Child of Eden.

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