Twitter says account issuing rape and death threats to EA’s Moore is ‘not violating rules’

Users have free reign to send the most hateful messages imaginable to whomever they want – that appears to be the message from Twitter.

EA COO and long-term industry veteran Peter Moore has revealed that the social media company said a user that told him he hopes his children die and his wife is raped is not violating Twitter rules”.

GameSpot reports that Tweets from the user included the likes of the following:

  • "hurry up and die old man ur ruining video games . The day u die is the day I throw a street party. REMEMBER THAT"
  • "remove handicap it’s not a joke. Hope ur wife dies in a ditch u scum. Hurry up and die u old prick"
  • "u scum I hate u and everything related to u.. I hope u ur wife kids family all die then there’s nothing left of u"
  • "hope your wife gets raped"

The user’s Twitter bio also says that Peter Moore is "the one person I want to see die".

Thank you for letting us know about your issue,” Twitter told Moore. We’ve investigated the account and reported Tweets for violents threats and abusive behaviour, and have found that it’s currently not violating the Twitter rules.”

All of which makes an utter nonsense of recent assurances from the social network that it was improving its mechanism for tackling the widespread abuse that is endured by thousands upon thousands of users.

Moore added that even when users are eventually banned there is no mechanism in place to stop them immediately opening a new account under the same name.

Following media coverage of the issue last night the account in question has been suspended, although not before the user posted an apology.

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