Two million copies of Street Fighter IV shipped

Following the UK release of next-gen fighter Street Fighter IV last Friday, Japanese games publisher Capcom has announced that it has shipped two million copies of the game worldwide,



Its week one success in the UK will be revealed later today when GfK-ChartTrack announces the latest UK Charts. Nintendo’s Wii Fit has remained unchallenged at the top for the last five weeks, but Capcom’s title has a great chance of knocking it from the top.

Tellingly, supplies of both Hori and MadCatz joysticks – the Street Fighter purist’s controller of choice – for both Xbox 360 and PS3 have been limited over the weekend, with their scarcity on the High Street leading to some elevated prices online.

Since its inception in 1987 the Street Fighter series has sold in excess of 27 million copies.

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