Rocksmith developer renamed Ubisoft Halifax, now recruiting

Ubisoft acquires Rocksmith dev Longtail Studios

Ubisoft has added a new team to its vast worldwide empire of games developers with the acquisition of Longtail Studios.

The Canadian company previously worked with Ubisoft on the latest iteration of Rocksmith, as will as Wii U title Sports Connection and Just Dance spin-off Dance On Broadway.

However, the Longtail team will now be tasked with developing triple-A mobile games, according to GamesIndustry.

Longtail Studios is being renamed Ubisoft Halifax, and all 30 members will be retained. The studio is even hiring for 10 new positions.

"As we continue to grow our mobile business, we are also looking to develop our expertise and expand our network of mobile studios," said Ubisoft’s executive director for mobile Jean-Michel Detoc, executive director. 

"The team of more than 30 talented people in Halifax brings with it a wealth of experience as well as a clear understanding of Ubisoft’s culture and processes."

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