Ubisoft again incurs wrath of PC gaming fraternity

PC DRM has again got Ubisoft into a sticky situation with PC gaming fans.

The publisher had previously claimed that recent PC release From Dust would only require users to authenticate their copy of the game online the first time it was loaded.

However, users have complained that the game in fact requires users to register with Ubisoft’s servers every time the game is loaded.

The forum post where the DRM claims had been made has been removed and replaced with a message detailing the actual DRM requirements of the final software.

Such DRM has caused issues before with previous releases such as Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. In that instance, Ubisoft’s authentication servers came under attack from aggrieved consumers.

Were that not bad enough, many users are also griping about further issues with the game. Most of these are of a technical nature and involve crashing, frame-rate annoyances and a lack of graphical options.

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