Ubisoft announces social VR game Werewolves Within

Classic party game Werewolf is coming to Virtual Reality via Ubisoft.

Under the name Werewolves Within, the game will ask four to eight players to uncoverthewerewolves that have been terrorising the medieval village of Gallowston. It’s due this year for ‘major VR platforms’ and is being developed by Ubisoft’s Red Storm Entertainment.

It’s Ubisoft’s second VR game, the first being previouslyannounced title Eagle Flight. The firm has also announcedaVR partnership with film company SpectreVision,

VR is proving to be an amazing platform for social interaction, moving toward truly feeling like you are there with other people,” commented David Votypka, senior creative director at Red Storm Entertainment.

Werewolves Within gives players a taste of how VR can generate strong social connections, allowing you to get together to have a great time with others no matter how near or far they are.”

Here’s a trailer:

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