Ubisoft announces two new studios in Quebec

Games giant Ubisoft has announced a new studio to be opened in Quebec, Canada. The new studio, Ubisoft Saguenay, will open on January 31st, 2018, and sees the company further invest in the region. A second studio is planned to be opened within the next 10 years.

Ubisoft has been in the Quebec area for twenty years and in that time has invested a lot in the region. By 2027, on the 30 year anniversary, Ubisoft will have invested $9 billion in the Quebec area. The new studios help solidify the relationship the French games publisher has with the region. $780 million will be invested in the area over the next decade with the opening of Ubisoft Saguenay.

The opening of the Saguenay studio will create 125 jobs, and between Montreal and another new studio in the area, over 1000 jobs will be created over the next ten years. Jimmy Boulianne has been announced as the managing director of the new Ubisoft Saguenay studio. Ubisoft already has two studios in Montreal and Ubisoft Quebec (in Quebec City). Ubisoft also has studios in Toronto and Halifax in Ontario and Nova Scotia, Canada, respectively.

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