Ubisoft bringing Uplay to PS4 and Xbox One

It will come as no surprise that Ubisoft has confirmed that it will once again utilise its Uplay network on next-gen consoles.

The publisher has confirmed that next-gen debut titles Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will integrate Uplay on both Xbox One and PS4.

Uplay, much like EA’s Origin, taps into the publisher’s own servers even when used on Xbox Live and PSN. It tracks player’s progress offers rewards that can be obtained with the points users accrue.

Furthermore, an updated version of the ‘full’ Uplay PC client will also be rolled out next month. This offers a host of additional functions such as social networking and a digital games store – as well as acting as a form of DRM, of course.

Uplay is also scheduled to make its Wii U debut in November.

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