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Ubisoft Connect – new cross-platform service should help smooth next-gen transition

Ubisoft today announced a new core service that’s designed to interlink all its games and all its players across all platforms: Ubisoft Connect. The service replaces the current Uplay and Ubisoft Club services.

It looks timed to help smooth things out  for any consumer considering a next-gen platform change, and also underlines the continuing move for publishers to build deeper relationships with their players, wherever they may be. 

The highlight here is undoubtedly full cross-progression on all its major upcoming titles, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising. That will allow players to switch between consoles and PC while continuing their games, and would also allow a PS4 or Xbox One player to upgrade to an Xbox Series X or PS5 without loss of progress – although they would have to buy the title again of course. 

The system will synchronise social events and content launches across the platforms and will be accessible in-game, online and via an app: “The new in-game overlay is a big change in the way people can access information and services they want to see in a way that’s as close to the game experience as it can be… It’s directly in-game, it’s accessible with a click at the moment you need it, they don’t have to leave the game and break the immersion, and they also have quick access to key elements they want to see directly.”

Players will be able to track their friends’ Ubisoft gaming activities across all platforms from the service, which it specifically notes will be useful in the days to come: “It really allows people to stay connected to their Ubisoft friends across platforms and games and help them in this transitional period where friends might be using different hardware.”

Much like Sony’s recent UI reveal, the service will include a Smart Intel system, giving personalised tips and videos to help players overcome difficulties. 

Users of the new service, much like the outgoing Ubisoft Club loyalty programme, can expect to earn exclusive in-game rewards by completing various challenges. For more on the service Ubisoft has posted a blog post. 


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